Google Search AI Overview: How to Avoid Them and See Results Directly

Google has integrated AI overviews into its search feature for US users and there is no option to disable them. However, there are methods to avoid encountering these AI overviews.

Can’t turn off AI overviews

Google has confirmed that AI overviews are now a permanent feature of its search service. These overviews appear whenever the system deems them useful, usually in response to direct questions. While the concept is promising, the implementation has been criticized for inaccuracies and for reusing content from other sites without providing adequate answers.

How to avoid AI summaries

Despite the inability to disable AI overviews, users can bypass them. Here are two methods:

1. Manual jump:

– Web Filter: Use the “Web” filter at the top of the search results page. This filter removes AI overviews and other new features, returning to the traditional “10 blue links” format.

– Scroll past: Simply scroll past the AI ​​overview to see the usual search results below.

2. Automatic Skip:

– URL modification: Add “udm=14” to the end of the Google search URL. For example, in Chrome, go to Settings > Search Engine, edit the Google Search URL to “{google:baseURL}search?q=%s&udm=14”.

– Browser extensions: Extensions like “Bye Bye, Google AI” can automate this process, removing AI overviews and other elements like sponsored links and shopping blocks.

For those using browsers like Microsoft Edge or any Chromium-based browser, similar steps apply. Firefox users can use the solutions provided by “” and “” offers a redirect service to Google’s “Web” filter.

While Google Search AI overviews cannot be turned off, users have several options to prevent them. By using filters, modifying URLs, or employing browser extensions, users can still access search results in a more traditional format.

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