Popular grocery chain Publix is ​​coming to this Middle Georgia city. Here’s what we know

For Milledgeville residents seeking “Pub Subs” and other classic Publix products, they’re in luck: The well-known grocery chain is coming soon.

The Milledgeville Publix is ​​set to open June 26, according to the Publix website, though Milledgeville City Manager Hank Griffeth said it’s the city’s understanding that the store may open in early July.

The last walk-through of the building was completed by city and state fire marshals, who signed off and certified it for occupancy. Publix can now stock its shelves and hire employees.

The grocery store will fill two previously empty parcels of land at the corner of North Colombia Street and Log Cabin Road in the central Georgia city. It is separated from a nearby residential area by a vegetative barrier created by the city.

The grocery chain has been looking to bring a store to Milledgeville for quite some time. Griffeth began conversations with Publix about a potential location opening in Milledgeville five years ago as a city planner. Milledgeville residents are now looking forward to the long-awaited opening.

“I’ve talked to a lot of people and everybody seems to be pretty happy about it coming here,” said Griffeth, “they have some killer chicken salad, I’m looking forward to eating some of that.”

Not only will Milledgeville residents get a shorter commute to their nearest Publix, Griffeth thinks the store will draw citizens from neighboring counties who want to cut down their commute or want an option for groceries other than the nearby Kroger. Griffen said he’s excited residents will have another grocery store to shop at.

“I’m excited about it being here just like I would be any other new business, I know Publix is ​​a good company with good products,” Griffeth said.

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