Politically motivated ambulance case should be suspended – Franklin Cudjoe

Franklin Cudjoe of IMANI Africa and AG Godfred Dame Franklin Cudjoe of IMANI Africa and AG Godfred Dame

IMANI Ghana President Franklin Cudjoe is of the opinion that the ambulance case should be suspended.

According to him, the case is politically motivated and lacks merit to continue.

In a post shared through social media, Franklin Cudjoe indicated that he does not believe that the Attorney General who has lost his respect would convince a suspect to conspire against another suspect to imprison him.

In his view, the third defendant may have been approached to cooperate in exchange for a lesser sentence, rather than manipulated to help imprison the minority leader.

“The Attorney General is many things and has lost some of my respect, but I doubt he would be so brazen as to convince a defendant to “make false statements” against the Hon. Ato Forson… I think the Jakpa guy could have been contacted to cooperate in exchange for a lesser sentence. But then, the case itself is politically motivated and should be discontinued!! his post said.

On May 23, 2024, in court, suspect Richard Jakpa became enraged over claims that he was supporting Cassiel Ato Forson.

He revealed in court that he had been asked to frame Cassiel Ato Forson so that the minority leader could be imprisoned.

“The attorney general has hired me on several occasions at odd hours to help him file a case against A1 and I have proof of this… If you pressure me, I will open Pandora’s box. I don’t understand why the attorney general will accuse me of defending A1 when I am here to defend myself,” Jakpa fumed in court.

“If you push me, I will open Pandora’s box. “I have proof of all this,” Richard Jakpa told the court, visibly angry.

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