Chen Yixin Fulfills Dream of Launching Her Own Fashion Brand After Very ‘Shallow’ Online Comments About Her, Entertainment News

She is a model, actress and now also the owner of a fashion brand.

Local actress Chen Yixin just launched her own clothing brand Beike last month and AsiaOne spoke to her to find out more.

“It was a personal step on my part to build this brand,” the 24-year-old told us, as she felt like “a lot of (her) self-esteem” depended on her social media persona.

“The comments I received were just about my appearance, basically very superficial things… I wanted to put myself out there in a way where I could feel more proud of myself.”

Although most of her savings were used to move forward with Beike, Yixin said she feels fulfilled and fulfilled for achieving her dream of starting her own brand.

She revealed that she spent a five-figure sum, a one-time investment on her part.

“I had the help of my manager Cally, who gave me my income before,” he laughed, adding that he also considers his parents, veteran actors Edmund Chen and Xiang Yun, “shareholders,” as their ang baos contributed to his business.

The brand name was inspired by the Chinese word for seashells, but she also wanted it to take on another meaning.

“It’s pronounced like ‘bake’ in English, like ‘baking in the sun.’ The whole story behind it was actually inspired by the fact that I really liked being in the sun,” he said.

Adding that she loves going to the beach, Yixin said the difficulty of Find cute swimsuits that provide padding and flatter the Asian body type. It was what sparked his interest in making his own pieces.

Beike’s swimwear line is scheduled to launch in June, and for now, the brand has beachwear-like tops, shirts, and pencil pants for sale.

We realized that all the pieces are Peranakan-inspired and white, and Yixin explained why: “I started with just white because I wanted to focus more on the intricacies of lace… I have plans to make more colorful pieces. drops in the future.

“My grandmother is Peranakan, so I grew up with a lot of similar details in the house. That’s why I felt more inclined to draw inspiration from the Peranakan side of the story.”

‘A learning process’

Earlier this month, Beike announced that there was a delay in shipping the first batch of orders and Yixin He shared with us what happened.

“The delivery service mixed up my orders with someone else’s and left everything in the warehouse, which delayed the entire delivery process,” he recalled.

“It really gave me a new perspective on online shopping and a deeper understanding of online sellers. Having to respond to people and take responsibility was a new learning process.”

Even though the hiccups “dimmed the mood,” Yixin said that She told herself, “Now that I’ve learned it, it won’t happen again.”

She shared that her friends and family were also supportive and helped her pack the orders.

“When the stock arrived, my dad was checking it out for me and my mom kept promoting my brand to her friends,” she said, adding that Xiang Yun and Cally even got their hands on pieces from their first release.

‘If not now when?’

While Edmund and Xiang Yun supported her, Yixin said they also gave her realistic advice.

“They did warn me that there will be some setbacks and to manage my expectations. They said that clothing lines are not easy to manage, but neither is any business, and that the first years are going to be the most difficult,” he recalled. .

“I definitely took that advice and developed my own way of thinking.”

What does Yixin want to say to other young adults who want to follow the same path?

“Just do it. If not now, when? If not now, when will it happen? I’ve been dreaming of building my own brand for the past five years and I finally dared to do it,” he said.

“There have been no regrets. There will always be what ifs, but if not now, when will it be?”


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