Catastrophic changes in Caitlyn, new opportunities in Ornn

The League of Legends 14.11 patch notes arrived with some surprising adjustments. While Ornn, Master Yi, Gangplank, and Smolder players will be pleased with the healthy improvements, core Caitlyn, Mordekaiser, and K’Sante players might be surprised after seeing what exactly patch 14.11 has in store. Many champion abilities are changing tiers at fixed rates.

Additional item changes will alter popular ADC setups, and changes to the top and mid turrets may make lane changing less effective. Let’s explore everything Patch 14.11 has in store for the Rift!

The patch will arrive on Thursday May 30, 2024. Your arrival time will depend on server time zones, and the game servers will be down for several hours while Riot Games prepares updates.

The patch will drop on:

Ornn's crafting skills now apply to almost all legendary items.

Ornn’s crafting skills now apply to almost all legendary items. / Riot games

Expert craftsman Ornn is the star of patch 14.11. He will receive huge buffs in this patch, increasing his high value as a team player and showing potential for tank and support builds. Additionally, Smolder, everyone’s favorite dragon, will appreciate significant extra damage increases during crits and reduced mana costs. Developers Riot Games are finding their footing with Smolder’s abilities and item usage after several dramatic adjustments and rushed nerfs in recent patches since his release in January. Master Yi will receive small but notable buffs, and Gangplank’s base health will increase.


Draven League


Boomerang Throw (Q)



Test your fear (Q)

  1. Base Damage: 75/93/120/145/170 (+110% additional AD) > 80/105/130/155/180 (+110% AD bonus)


Wild Growth (R)

Master Yi


Ebb and flow (W)

Tidal wave (R)


Spiritual Fire (E)


Living Forge

Ornn can’t update:


Poison Trail (Q)

Madness Potion (R)


Super Scorching Breath (Q)

caitlyn "adjustment" in patch 14.11 severely weakens his Yordle Snap Trap.

Caitlyn’s “tweak” in Patch 14.11 severely weakens her Yordle Snap Trap. / Riot games

Despite K’Sante’s damage reduction, nothing can reduce the damage this upgrade leaves on K’Sante’s main hearts. K’Sante’s balance saga continues with changes that place his damage reduction at disadvantageous flat rates with a catastrophic nerf to his Pathmaker W ability. Mordekaiser’s Darkness Rise passive ability will be changed to a fixed base damage rate to put an end to to his reign of terror. Caitlyn’s 14.11 nerf, politely categorized as a “tweak” in the patch notes, will cause her stats to plummet. After a period of dominance in the meta, Caitlyn’s mains are now forced to focus on auto-attack and attack speed instead of one-shot kill crits. Her Trap nerf is especially damaging combined with recent item nerfs affecting items like the Collector that have made popular Caitlyn ADC builds less effective.


Yordle Trap (W)

Ace up your sleeve (R)


Precision Protocol (Q)

The Hextech Ultimatum (R)


Devastating fire (QQ)

Molten Fissure (QE)




Ntofo Strikes (Q)

Trail Marker (W)

All out (R)


Increasing darkness

Delete (Q)

The Grip of Death (E)


Threaded volley (Q)

Statik Shiv will receive a huge stat boost and a fancy new recipe. The Collector’s Lethality nerf will deal another painful blow to Caitlyn’s mains when used on ADC builds. Turret changes that strengthen top and mid towers may be aimed at reducing lane swapping after a recent surge in pro play. Additionally, Anivia Masters can enjoy a small victory as the typo in the Mastery Reward title is fixed!


Absorb life



Essence Reaver

Immortal Shield Bow

infinity edge

Statik Shiv

The collector


Mastery Reward Title: Fixed a typo to display “Cryophoenix” instead of “Cryopheonothing”.


Arena Mode



Whether you’re awaiting Patch 14.11 with excitement or trepidation, the internal changes will refresh the meta and prepare players for another intense competitive season. Stay tuned for future League of Legends esports and patch updates!

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