ED charms war veterans before congress

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday wowed war veterans by offering them better economic opportunities, medical aid and other benefits ahead of a potentially painful elective congress later this year in Harare.

War veterans will vote for the first time in an elective congress as Zanu PF aims to prepare its structures and membership ahead of its elective congress that will elect a leader who will represent the party in the 2028 presidential election.

Speaking at the National Assembly of War Veterans, attended by Vice President Constatino Chiwenga at Zanu PF headquarters, Mnangagwa told veterans they should prepare to participate in the congress.

“From now on, we will own the war veterans league, as other leagues will be represented like you, when we have our elective national congress, this in terms of our practice will take place in October,” Mnangagwa said.

Congress will determine how Mnangagwa will proceed until the end of his presidential term in 2028 and could present Zanu PF with a complicated situation in which it is forced to address the issue of succession.

Mnangagwa promised to gift war veterans a better life to ensure their lives are bearable, even as the disgruntled group has continually expressed concern that Zanu PF has ignored their pleas.

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“My administration is willing to facilitate the broad empowerment of its members to fully participate in the economy as well as the ongoing industrialization and modernization of our homeland. I direct the minister to expedite the implementation of interventions to address the challenges affecting this special electorate,” he said.

Mnangagwa, who indicated that he was concerned that most of his comrades were dying and the number of war veterans was dwindling, called on his peers to empower the younger generations to carry on his legacy and ensure that the party rules the country by the eternity.

Insiders who spoke to NewsDay said the promises made to war veterans and the recent changes in the politburo were related to preparations for the elective congress that will shape the path Mnangagwa will take in the remaining three years of his presidency.

“This is a very critical aspect of the succession matrix, even this war veterans assembly and the promises made should not be seen in isolation,” said a senior Zanu PF politburo member.

Speaking during the same event, National War Veterans Secretary Douglas Mahiya called on Mnangagwa to fast-track the controversial Private Voluntary Organizations (PVO) Bill, saying that if passed, the legislation would mean the death of NGOs that They have been supporting regime change. in Zimbabwe.

“War veterans fully support the PVO Bill as it will act to counter NGOs that are working with foreign entities to undermine the ruling Zanu PF.

“I would also like to encourage you to ensure that we establish NGOs aligned with Zanu PF to counter the influence of these regime change entities. “President, as we speak, we will be launching our own NGO in the next month or two,” he said.

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