Man’s “random” decision before winning $150 million in Powerball

A lucky Australian has just won the country’s richest individual lottery prize – with a single entry taking down the entire $150 million Division One jackpot in Thursday night’s Powerball draw.

The Adelaide man shook South Australia when his prize went unclaimed overnight.

Draw 1462 increased to $150 million after the Division One prize was not won for six consecutive weeks.

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The winner, whose ticket matched all seven numbers and the vital Powerball, said he made a “random” decision to enter the drawing when he stopped for gas.

“I bought my ticket while I was filling up the car the other day and I bought my ticket there randomly,” he told The Lott.

“I can’t believe I got the winning ticket!”

He said he’s still pinching himself.

“I can’t believe it,” the man said.

“I am the mystery winner. I’m Australia’s biggest lottery winner!

The man revealed that he actually had two entries in the draw and reviewed both last night.

“Last night I looked at the clock and saw that it was getting late and I thought the draw should have been done by then,” he said.

“So, I checked the first one and found nothing, then I scanned the second one and it said $150 million.

“I had never screamed so loud or jumped so high.

“This was last night and I still haven’t slept. I kept checking the ticket.”

The man revealed that he had gone to work normally after the victory.

“I know it may seem crazy, but I’m going to keep working,” he said.

“I’m going to buy a house, I want to travel the world and I have family and friends I want to help, but for now I can’t understand how big this prize is.

“This changes lives. I can’t stop smiling and pinching myself.

“I can’t believe my luck!”

Winning location revealed

The winning entry was purchased at OTR Salisbury Drive Thru in Salisbury.

However, the winner remained a mystery for some time because his participation was not recorded.

Since it was introduced, The Lott has verified its winning entry.

The win surpassed the previous record for the country’s largest single lottery set by a Sydney nurse who won more than $107 million in 2019.

The latest win caused a stir in South Australia, with a call for all residents or visitors who had purchased a ticket to check their tickets before the winner was revealed.

“Someone has become Australia’s biggest individual lottery winner and they may not know it yet,” The Lott spokesperson Khat Intrachai said on Friday.

“Can you imagine walking around without realizing it with a fine worth $150 million?”

In South Australia, lottery winners have just 12 months to claim their prize directly from The Lott.

After that time, they must claim the prize directly from the South Australian government.

Nine other players took home more than $276,000 each through Division Two, and $11,834 will go to the accounts of 261 Division Three winners.

Lott spokesman Matt Hart said up to half of Australian adults were expected to take part in the draw.

“While Australian lotteries have been operating for more than a century, there have only been five draws that have offered a jackpot of $150 million or more,” he said.

In February, a New South Wales couple and a Queensland woman split a $200 million prize, the largest prize in Australian lottery history. It had soared from the $150 million that was at stake in January.

In 2022, three winners in Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia shared a $160 million prize: one winner said he would give his grandson “every dog ​​in the world” as he had been asking for one for himself. Christmas.

Another $150 million was split between three winners in 2019.

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