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The Chargé d’Affaires of the United States Embassy in Zambia, Linnisa Wahid, and the Minister of the Interior, Honorable Jack Mwiimbu, recently signed the United States-Zambia Partnership to Prevent Human Trafficking (P2P), a new initiative multiannual to combat human trafficking. people in Zambia.

The implementation of this jointly developed program will strengthen the efforts of the Government of Zambia as it works with national stakeholders and civil society organizations to deepen a more sustainable, comprehensive and coordinated response to human trafficking.

The signing of the P2P comes after several months of discussions between representatives of the Government of Zambia, the US Department of State’s Monitoring and Combating Trafficking in Persons Office (TIP Office), and the US Embassy in Zambia. .

With the signing of this P2P, the first in the world, the TIP Office provided $4 million in US foreign assistance to Save the Children, which will collaborate with relevant ministries of the government of Zambia and the TIP Office to implement an action plan developed to achieve the objectives of P2P.

The objectives are to promote coordination between relevant ministries, civil society, local communities and foreign counterparts. Provide protective services that are easily accessible to trafficked adults and children using a victim-centered and trauma-informed approach.

It also involves ensuring that justice sector actors use existing trafficking-specific legal frameworks to identify victims of human trafficking, investigate cases, and prosecute and convict perpetrators of human trafficking in a victim-centered manner. and taking into account the trauma.

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