Downtown Line service fully resumes after fire in maintenance vehicle causes partial track closure

SINGAPORE: Train service on the Downtown Line has fully resumed after a partial track closure early on Friday (May 24) disrupted some commuters’ morning commute.

The disruption, which lasted just over an hour, was due to a fire in a maintenance vehicle, rail operator SBS Transit said in a Facebook post.

This caused train service to be “temporarily unavailable” along a portion of the line spanning six stations, between Fort Canning and Mattar, from the start of service until approximately 7:25 a.m.

The first train departs from Mattar station at approximately 6am Monday to Saturday, while the first train from Fort Canning station departs at 6.10am

SBS Transit first flagged the outage in a Facebook post at 5:25am


Engineering work was being carried out at Mattar station in the early hours of Friday when a locomotive caught fire during engineering work.

The Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF) responded to the situation and extinguished the fire, SBS Transit said.

In response to CNA queries, SCDF said it was alerted to the fire at 12.50am at 60 Merpati Road.

The fire, which affected the engine compartment of the locomotive, was extinguished with a jet of water and two cars of compressed air foam.

“However, the locomotive could not be taken off the track until the heat from its body could be dissipated. As a result, the affected section of the road had to be closed,” SBS Transit reported.

SBS Transit added that its engineers were on site to assess the situation and carried out recovery work so that train service at all six stations could resume as soon as possible.

One person was taken to Singapore General Hospital for smoke inhalation, the SCDF said, adding that 29 people were evacuated from the affected area as a precaution.

The rail operator said the staff member was taken to hospital because he was not feeling well.

“He is under observation for smoke inhalation and is doing well,” he added.

The cause of the fire is still being investigated.

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