Posterity will not forgive him if Ghana falls into crisis: the Peace Council warns the EC

The National Peace Council has issued a warning to the Electoral Commission (EC) against abusing its independence in the run-up to the December elections.

The Council stressed that the EC should remain receptive to suggestions aimed at ensuring that elections are free, fair and transparent.

At the launch of the National Election Response Group, Malvi Council Member Mohammed Bin Salih spoke to journalists and highlighted the importance of the EC considering diverse opinions.

He noted that the EC should not use its independent status as a shield to reject valuable contributions, as any failure in the electoral process would be unforgivable.

Bin Salih urged commissioners to keep an open mind and accept suggestions and criticism to help them conduct credible elections in December.

He highlighted the fundamental role of listening to different perspectives to achieve a successful and reliable electoral process.

“They are independent, yes. But that does not stop them from listening to Ghanaians, listening to the wisdom of our elders, and so on. Under no circumstances should they hide behind independence and refuse to consult and listen.

“If you act together and do it well, you will be able to unite Ghana and put it on a pedestal of peace and progress. But if they do not act well, they can also ruin Ghana and posterity will not forgive them if that happens.”

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