Did Florida Highway Patrol Screw Up This PIT Maneuver?

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Did Florida Highway Patrol Screw Up This PIT Maneuver?

While Arkansas State Police often get a lot of attention for their brutal PITs, we’ve seen some pretty interesting ones from Florida Highway Patrol. But we’ve also seen FHP troopers pull boxing-in maneuvers and other tactics when a PIT isn’t advantageous. That might explain why some people have a problem with how FHP executed a PIT on a woman fleeing in her BMW.

Did this Arkansas trooper go a little too hard?

The incident started on March 29, 2024 when a trooper spotted the Bimmer speeding and passing cars using his left shoulder. Realizing the driver’s behavior constituted a threat to the safety of other drivers on the highway, the trooper started pursuing.

We see in the dashcam footage that at first the female BMW driver tries pulling into a lane of traffic once she hears sirens, as if she wasn’t doing anything. But the soldier zeroes in on her, so she takes off.

From there she pulls all kinds of risky moves to try to get away from the trooper and others as they join in the chase. There are many close calls, clearly showing this woman is willing to put the lives of everyone else on the road at risk just so she can get away from troopers.

This woman seems super determined to do whatever it takes to escape. By this point surely they have her license plate, yet that fact does n’t seem to sink in.

Finally, the lead trooper decides to PIT the Bimmer. The only problem is there’s surrounding traffic and the suspect’s car careens into an innocent bystander’s SUV, which then slams head-on into a barrier. It’s a messy situation some people think isn’t acceptable.

We hate to say it, but a Grappler Bumper would’ve ended this chase early and probably without any collateral damage.

What do you think of this PIT? Was it done properly and at the right time? Or were the results sub-optimal?

Image via Scooper/YouTube

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