A woman kicked a Cork city shop employee in the leg when he approached her for stealing wine

A worker at The Wine Buff store on Oliver Plunkett Street approached a woman who was leaving without paying for two bottles of wine and the culprit kicked her in the leg and threatened to break one of the bottles over her head.

Judge Mary Dorgan handed Margaret Deasy a six-month prison sentence for the assault at Cork District Court.

Margaret Deasy, 35, of Cork Simon Community, was arrested and charged with assault by Garda Patrick Houlihan, who also charged her with another assault on a shop worker at another premises and shoplifting on the afternoon of the 3rd of April.

Garda Patrick Houlihan told a previous court hearing that on April 3, Margaret Deasy entered the Benneton store in Oliver Plunkett Street and selected a women’s jacket valued at €70 and left the premises without offering payment. Security followed her and asked her to give it back, but she refused and kept walking.

“He entered Diesel on Oliver Plunkett Street and stole clothes worth €73.

“He entered The Wine Buff on Oliver Plunkett Street and stole a bottle of wine valued at €44.99 and, on his way out, kicked the member of staff in the leg.”

Sgt Gearóid Davis Mrs Deasy took another bottle and threatened to hit the staff member over the head with it.

In another incident, he entered Penneys and stole clothes worth €40.

There was further evidence that she spat at a security guard at Marks and Spencer when confronted.

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