Lotto Powerball winner receives secret pamphlet after winning $150 million prize

By Steve Williams for Daily Mail Australia

08:05 May 24, 2024, updated 08:26 May 24, 2024

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The secret booklet Australian Lotto winners receive may be revealed for the first time.

The booklet is part of a kit that also contains a formal prize confirmation letter addressed to the winner and a giant novelty check with the name of your choice.

Anyone who wins a first prize or a division one prize of $100,000 will receive the booklet.

To toast their new life, winners will also receive a bottle of Australian sparkling wine: Brut Non Vintage or a bottle of Polka non-alcoholic sparkling wine.

The booklet contains “information that will help point you in the right direction so you can make the most of your good luck.”

Secret booklet contains tips for lottery winners in Australia

There is the friendly warning that, “while lottery prizes are indescribably exciting, they can be a little overwhelming at first.”

“Remember, you don’t need to rush into making any decisions and professional help will always be available.”

Sprinkled throughout the booklet are helpful “winner information” from previous punters who have scooped a big prize.

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One of these telling stories is that of a South Australian premiership winner.

They say in the pamphlet: ‘I thought, I’m not going to keep it a secret, I’m going to tell everyone because I don’t want people to say why didn’t you tell me? Nobody asked me for anything. Not a single person. I find that really refreshing.’

On the benefits of financial advice, one NSW premiership winner wrote: ‘I’m still working, I’m still budgeting and everything. Not much has changed. “I got financial advice and that was probably the most valuable thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

Read the full winners flyer below:

What do I do now?

You don’t need to make any decisions right away. You have as much time as you want to consider what you would really like to do with your prize and the best options for you.

Whatever you plan to do with your prize, we hope it makes a real difference to you and your loved ones.

A time for decisions

As a starting point, we suggest talking to your financial institution about which account would be best to transfer your winnings to. Then, be sure to get professional advice on the best options for you and your prize.

Remember, for many people, work means more than just a livelihood. It can also mean friendships, job satisfaction, and a sense of belonging. Therefore, you may want to hold off on making retirement decisions until you have received professional advice and are comfortable with your award.

Who should I tell?

Some winners are eager to share their life-changing news with their nearest and dearest. Others choose not to tell anyone. It completely depends on you.

Take a moment to think about who you could share your news with and when you could tell them.

Sharing your prize

For many winners, part of the joy of winning a big lottery prize is the opportunity to share it with their closest friends and family.

If you are interested in donating to others, we encourage you and anyone with whom you share your prize to seek advice from a qualified financial planner or bank representative.

Speaking to a professional can give you peace of mind and ensure that you and those you choose continue to benefit from the award for years to come.

Taxes and other considerations

Did you know that lottery prizes in Australia are tax-free?

You can also give anything you want as a one-time gift without the recipient having to pay taxes.

However, once your prize is in a bank account, any interest earned on your prize will be subject to income tax for both you and the gift recipients. There could also be tax implications for any investments you make.

It’s time to plan: make the most of your prize

One way to help ensure your treat achieves its goals is to make a plan.

Start by listing the things you want to accomplish with your prize, detailing how much each might cost, and ordering them according to their importance to you. Your list may include things like:

• Pay off the mortgage

• Go on vacation

• Share money with family

• Buy new furniture

• Buy a new car

• Contribute to your own education or that of your children.

• Donate to charities

• Enjoy an additional regular income

• Retire or work part-time

• Buy a new house

• Make an investment

• Establish a lasting legacy

Call the professionals

While family and friends are valuable sources of life advice, many professionals specialize in providing financial and legal advice.

Whatever you plan to do with your winnings, it’s helpful to consider seeking advice from independent, licensed professionals, such as accountants, lawyers, or financial planners.

Frequent questions

Questions and answers include:

Q: Can I keep the original ticket?

A: Unfortunately, due to our prize payout process and lottery regulations, you cannot keep the original ticket. We recommend taking a photo of the ticket before giving it to us.

Q: Do I have to inform my bank?

A: While it is not imperative that you inform your bank, we recommend speaking with the bank manager to let them know that you are expecting a large deposit.

The winner’s booklet concludes with these inspiring words: ‘Enjoy the winner’s journey! More than anything, we hope that your award not only brings you a financially secure lifestyle, but also a lot of happiness and joy for years to come.’

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