Northern Elders Forum warns Kano governor about elimination of emirates

The Northern Elders Forum (NEF) has expressed concern over the Kano State emirate crisis that led to the removal of the five first class emirs of the state.

Forum spokesperson Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, in a statement on Friday, warned Governor Abba Yusuf and the politicians involved to exercise restraint to avoid violence in attempting to settle political scores.

Governor Yusuf on Thursday reinstated Lamido Sanusi as Emir of spout, four years after his dismissal. This was after the governor signed the bill repealing the Emirate State Council Law 2019 that granted the state five Emirati councils.

The state House of Assembly on Thursday passed the bill for the dissolution of the four additional emirates created by the immediate past administration of former governor Abdullahi Ganduje and the removal of the five emirs.

Mr. Yusuf said he reinstated Mr. Sanusi in fulfillment of a campaign promise. The governor said the new law provided for the reinstatement of Sanusi as Emir of Kano and the removal of the five emirs: Kano, Gaya, Karaye, Bichi and Rano.

Below is the full statement from the Northern Elders.

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The Northern Elders Forum is extremely concerned and deeply agitated by the recent developments in Kano where emirates have multiplied and traditional rulers have been dethroned and replaced, saying they are a clear example of the struggles faced by traditional rulers in the country.

The NEF is concerned that the recent crisis surrounding the emirate in Kano State has raised tensions and concerns among the public. As responsible citizens, we urge the Kano State Government and the politicians involved to exercise caution in handling this sensitive issue to avoid further escalation of tensions.

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It is important that all parties involved approach this matter with the utmost care and professionalism, taking into account the possible consequences of their actions. Hasty decisions and inflammatory statements can only serve to worsen the situation and endanger the peace and stability of the State.

We also call on the public to remain calm and respect the law in the face of this crisis. It is crucial that we do not engage in any action that could potentially threaten the peace and security of the State. Violence and unrest will only serve to divide us further and hinder any possibility of finding a peaceful solution to the current situation.

In times of crisis, it is imperative that we come together as a community and work to find common ground and mutual understanding. Let us all strive to prioritize peace and harmony and avoid actions that could lead to greater discord and conflict.

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However, the NEF notes that Nigeria’s traditional institution has long faced challenges and obstacles that have made it weak and ineffective. This problem now appears to be particularly acute in Kano, where a power struggle has led to the creation of multiple emirates, thereby diluting the authority and influence of the region’s traditional rulers.

The multiplication and duplicity of emirates in Kano is a clear attempt to weaken the traditional institution and undermine the authority of traditional rulers. By creating multiple emirates, the power and influence of individual traditional rulers is diluted, making it easier for politicians to control and manipulate them.

Furthermore, the arbitrary dethronement and replacement of high-ranking traditional rulers in Kano not only weakens the authority and legitimacy of traditional rulers but also sends the message that their role and relevance in society is easily dispensable.

This move not only threatens the unity and cohesion of the traditional structure, but also undermines the centuries-old customs, values ​​and traditions that have been the foundation of Nigerian society.

The perpetuation of these challenges is a reflection of the broader issue of the emasculation of traditional rulers in Nigeria. Over the years, traditional rulers have been systematically marginalized and stripped of their powers through various administrative mechanisms and so-called “reforms” that have only served to weaken their influence and render their role ineffective.

To address these challenges and revitalize the traditional institution in Nigeria, it is imperative that traditional rulers regain their power and are given the recognition and support they deserve. This can only be achieved through a concerted effort to restore legal recognition to the traditional rulers of the country and provide them with the necessary resources and authority to carry out their functions effectively.

Without the necessary empowerment and support, traditional rulers will continue to struggle to play a meaningful role in society, particularly in addressing pressing issues such as crime and drug abuse. Their marginalization not only diminishes their ability to effectively govern their domains, but also leaves them vulnerable to political interference and manipulation.

Abdul-Azeez Suleiman
Advertising and Promotion Director
Northern Elders Forum

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