Kia EV3 revealed as a small electric family crossover

In fact, the EV3 is so disruptive that it will undoubtedly make a splash inside Kia dealerships, comparing very favorably to the long-running Niro EV. In terms of dimensions, the EV3 is very similar, although it feels the benefits of an electric-only platform in its more spacious interior. That interior is obviously newer, too, with sharper, more cohesive styling and, obviously, the option for a much longer all-electric range.

In terms of styling, it’s as described: EV family cues, like the star map lighting signatures and the EV9’s cubic musculature, wrapped over a crossover-sized family vehicle. It’s a little curvier and, thanks to some innovative design work and active aerodynamics, it’s a very slippery car, with a drag coefficient of just 0.267. All in all, it is completely modern, completely contemporary and very attractive. At this point, Kia might have the most distinctive electric vehicle family of any manufacturer.

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