Sheriff: The sequel to Narko Integriti is being prepared, after the success of the Malay action film

Malaysian director Syafiq Yusof has confirmed that he will be working on a sequel to his film Sheriff: Narko Integriti, following its box office success. The action thriller, starring Zul Ariffin, Syafiq Kyle, Aaron Aziz and Elizabeth Tan, premiered in cinemas in Malaysia and Singapore on April 18 and has since grossed over RM60.5 million (RM12.8 million). of dollars).

Speaking to Malaysian news outlet Harian Metro, Syafiq said he was currently looking for new ideas for a script.

“I am grateful for the success of this film which has grossed over RM60 million. That’s why I agreed to create a sequel…Hopefully, everything will work out,” he added.

Syafiq also expressed his excitement about Sheriff: Narko Integriti being screened in cinemas in Hong Kong and Indonesia.

“Although the total number of theaters (showing Sheriff: Narko Integriti) in Hong Kong is not many, it is still a good start for Malaysian films.”

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