Jesse Tyler Ferguson Sparks Modern Family Reunion Rumors After Sharing Photo From Iconic Set; Look here

There may be a Modern Family reunion on the horizon. And it is not our delulu who speaks. Jessie Tyler Ferguson sparked the rumors with Instagram stories, hinting at this possibility.

Modern Family, an eleven-season sitcom that ended in 2020, said goodbye to millions of avid viewers. Since its inception, it has won more than 20 Emmy Awards and has had numerous exceptional episodes that make it a cultural phenomenon.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson posts photo from iconic Modern Family set

Needless to say, since the series finale, fans have been hooked and continue to watch it on Hulu or Peacock. Some people are speculating that new Modern Family content could also be coming. Jesse Tyler Ferguson, whose role is Mitchell Pritchett on the show, recently posted a cryptic caption to his Instagram Stories while showing an image of what appeared to be a family setup. Everyone wonders what Ferguson is saying here; he single-handedly drives the Modern Family fandom crazy with his caption, “I haven’t seen this view in a while.”


However, this rumor cannot be officially confirmed at the moment. It could simply mean that Ferguson is feeling nostalgic as he remembers this old set photo of him. Without much evidence, people still long for Modern Family, as evidenced by ABC’s long-running sitcom.

Does this mean the Modern Family spinoff will finally happen?

Initially there were plans to turn Modern Family into a franchise. ABC Entertainment Group was developing a spin-off featuring Mitchell (Ferguson), Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) and his daughter Lily (Aubrey Anderson-Emmons). However, in 2022, Ferguson revealed that plans for the spin-off had fallen apart to the disappointment of many fans.

Ferguson’s provocation comes at a good time because September marks 15 years since the Modern Family phenomenon occurred. They could have a reunion episode like Friends did, maybe, if not something else.

Modern Family is an innovative mockumentary-style comedy. It addressed various topics such as love, acceptance, generational differences, in addition to being praised for its humor, its touching and modern family dynamics, which has had a great influence on people’s lives to this day. This show changed the standard of group comedies; Its impact continues to be felt around the world through several television productions that followed.

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