Singaporeans online mock PM Wong’s handwriting in his acceptance letter

SINGAPORE: Some Reddit users recently mocked the new Prime Minister, posting a screenshot of his acceptance letter to the President and pointing out his handwriting.

On May 13, an exchange of letters between then Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Lawrence Wong and President Tharman Shanmugaratnam was published on the PMO and Istana websites, showing Mr Wong’s acceptance of the appointment to the position of Prime Minister.

While President Tharman’s handwriting has not been commented on, one Reddit user wrote in a May 21 r/SingaporeRaw post: “When your hand shakes because the job offer is too much 🔥.”

Photo: screenshot from Reddit/merlion_sg

In fact, Mr. Wong’s handwriting does not appear to reflect his calm demeanor, and one commenter on the post even characterized him as “terok.”

There are not enough handwriting samples online to determine whether Wong’s untidy handwriting represents how he normally writes, although You have tried your hand at Chinese calligraphy at least once..

Photo: Facebook screenshot/Lawrence Wong

Additionally, as people today increasingly rely on their computers and mobile phones to communicate in writing, it is possible that your writing skills have suffered over the years, as many of us have.

(No judgment here; we also find ourselves putting pen to paper less and less as time goes on. And, to be honest, some of us have had bad penmanship from day one.)

While some research has shown that handwriting may be associated with intelligence, there have been enough geniuses throughout history whose handwriting was poor, including Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, and Louis Pasteur.

We could throw Pablo Picasso and Napoleon into the mix, although other experts have stressed that poor handwriting is no guarantee of high intelligence either.

Also, perhaps Mr. Wong is more at the receiving end of the letters. Earlier this month, he shared one from a 7-year-old girl named Faith, who sent him well wishes as she prepared to take over as Prime Minister.


I received a letter from Faith, whose 8th birthday coincides with the swearing-in ceremony on May 15! 🥳

♬ original sound – Lawrence Wong – Lawrence Wong

Much has also been made of Mr. Wong’s other skills, especially with the guitar. He made headlines when he covered Taylor Swift’s song. love story for Teacher’s Day last year.

Late last year, he even tried his hand at the sitar and impressed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who reposted a video of Mr Wong playing the instrument on X (formerly Twitter). /ITSG

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