Lana Del Rey says she wrote a Bond theme, but it was rejected

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Screenshot, Lana Del Rey won the special international award at Thursday’s Ivor Novello Awards

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Lana Del Rey says she wrote a James Bond theme in 2015, only to have it rejected by producers.

The video game star spoke backstage at the Ivor Novello Awards in London, where he had just won a special award celebrating his career and influence.

When asked if he would ever consider writing a Bond theme, he responded: “I mean, how come that hasn’t happened?”

He then burst into the chorus of his song 24, from the album Honeymoon, before revealing: “I wrote that for them.”

Given its release date, the song would have been in contention for Daniel Craig’s fourth outing as 007, Specter.

The song was eventually recorded by Sam Smith, who won an Oscar for his song Writing’s On The Wall.

“Sam, you did a wonderful job,” laughed Del Rey, who said she still hoped to get another chance at the franchise.

“But I’m still going to do my little Nancy Sinatra thing from time to time and just pretend it’s the theme song.”

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Pop star Raye, who won songwriter of the year at Thursday’s ceremony, was shocked by Del Rey’s revelation.

“I can’t believe they turned her down, because she just has the perfect energy for it,” Raye said.

“I feel like she would eat it, and I feel like that should happen in the future.”

The London-born singer added that she would jump at the chance to create her own Bond theme.

“If they ever approached me, I would obviously turn away.

“I don’t know how those things happen, but it would be an absolute pleasure.”

Del Rey is in good company, however.

Other stars who have had Bond themes rejected include Pulp, Blondie, Johnny Cash, Pet Shop Boys and KD Lang.

Producers often commission several alternatives and only decide which one to use once the film is finished.

Radiohead even recorded a potential third track for Spectre, which they eventually released on Christmas Day 2015.

Here is a list of known “lost” Bond songs.

  • Johnny Cash – Thunderball
  • Dionne Warwick – Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Thunderball)
  • Shirley Bassey – Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Thunderball)
  • Julie Rogers – You Only Live Twice
  • Lorraine Chandler – You only live twice
  • Alice Cooper – The Man with the Golden Gun
  • Blondie – For your eyes only
  • Phyllis Hyman – Never Say Never Again
  • Pet Shop Boys – The Living Daylights
  • Base Ace – GoldenEye
  • Pulp – Tomorrow never lies (Tomorrow never dies)
  • Saint Etienne – Tomorrow never dies
  • Swan Lee – Tomorrow Never Dies
  • KD Lang – Surrender (Tomorrow Never Dies)
  • Straw – The world is not enough
  • Shirley Bassey – Goodbye Is Not Good (Quantum of Solace)
  • Muse – Supremacy (Skyfall)
  • Radiohead – Spectrum
  • Lana Del Rey – 24 (Spectrum)
  • Skylar Gray – I’m a Soldier (No Time to Die)

Image source, fake images

Del Rey was in a very good mood at the Ivor Novellos.

He also revealed that he had turned down the offer of a world tour that was launched after his performance at the Coachella music festival in April.

“I decided not to do a stadium tour this year because I want to go to McCreary County and Kentucky,” he said.

“I want to meet people, greet them and have breakfast with them.

“It’s not always just about going to each island and collecting money at the stadium.”

And she also talked about the genesis of her Grammy-nominated 2023 album, Did You Know There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd?, which was largely written during jam sessions with her then-boyfriend Mike Hermosa.

“It’s funny, every time a producer doesn’t have time for me, someone I’m dating turns out to be a prodigious guitarist,” he told BBC News backstage.

“And then while they’re messing around on Sundays, I’m thinking, ‘Could you give me that chord sequence?’ And they say: ‘Well yes, if you want them.’

“And that’s how Tunnel came about with Mike Hermosa. Everything was done with him on Sundays in his two-bedroom apartment in Genesee (California).

“Everything was easy and I thought: here comes another record.”

But he added: “I was looking to get married, not have another album!”

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