Frightened landlady is forced to move out of her own home

A struggling single mother and her two children rent a room while her tenants live rent-free in her Mitchells Plain home and refuse to leave.

Gaynor Williams, 40, says she rented two rooms in her three-bedroom house in Dorper Way, Westridge, to the Brown family in March last year, and they were only supposed to stay six months.

She says she charged the family (two parents and three children) R3,000 a month and they paid R17,000 up front, with R1,000 outstanding, but never paid again.

“I was going through a difficult time and couldn’t afford to feed myself and my two children. My son was friends with his son and I thought I would help them. We had a lease where they could only stay six months, that was to help me get back on my feet,” she explains.

Property battle: Gaynor’s 3-bedroom house, Westridge. Image: supplied

She says they got along well, but in late September, when the family was due to leave, the tenant’s son, Junaid, 20, called her at the hair salon to tell her he had visitors.

“I don’t know who these guys were who apparently said I told them to wait for me at home. Junaid said he left the house.

“They entered the place and accused me of sending these people (to steal), but they also stole my things like all my food, my identification, my children’s things too.

“Junaid hit my 17-year-old son with a stick in the face, his face was bleeding. They attacked me too. That’s when I took my things and moved.” ‎

OWNER: Gaynor Williams, 40, is gatvol. Image: supplied

She says she opened home invasion and assault cases, but couldn’t provide case numbers because she lost her cell phone.

According to Gaynor, the tenants claim they lost property worth R42,000 and want her to pay for it first before moving out.

She now lives in a room in Strandfontein and cares for an elderly woman with dementia instead of paying rent as she is currently unemployed.

“My children want to come home. I want to sell my house and rebuild my life. I can’t even enter my own house because I don’t have a key. I need to make an appointment and stand by the door, even real estate agents are chased away.”

When Daily Voice visited the home in Westridge yesterday, mother Nadia Brown said she did not want to comment on “anything on the record” without her husband Joshua being present.

She said she wasn’t sure when he would return home because he was visiting a sick friend.

When asked for her contact number, she stated that she did not have a cell phone.

Meanwhile, Junaid called Gaynor and was heard saying: “Jy blackDon’t say hello to me, you better come look for these people here.”

When the Daily Voice contacted Nadia again, she claimed her husband “just left” to visit his friend again.

An hour later, Nadia answered the phone and her husband was heard saying he wanted to talk, but she said “nee.”

Then he insisted that we talk to a neighbor “to know the whole truth.” When asked to put the neighbor in touch, he said “he’s not at home, he’s at work.”

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