Outrage over K-pop star Seungri’s fall from grace performing at private Malaysia event

KUALA LUMPUR – Netizens are furious to see former BigBang member Seungri continuing to enjoy the perks of being an idol, even performing at a private birthday party in Malaysia.

On May 19, Malaysian news portal shared a one-minute video of the party on Instagram. It is not clear when the celebration took place.

In the video, the disgraced K-pop star could be seen having fun while entertaining the audience at a businessman’s birthday celebration, which was held at a Chinese restaurant.

Seungri, dressed in a gray suit, sang the song Bang Bang Bang, which was popularized by his former group in 2015.

In the comments section, many Malaysian netizens expressed their anger and asked the public to boycott the singer due to his previous actions towards women.

“I’m worried that he might start a Burning Sun business here, I’m afraid he will also become a pimp for the rich in Malaysia,” said one netizen.

“He has business in Malaysia and is worried that he will use it to cover up his bad intentions,” another added.

The Burning Sun scandal is back in the spotlight with the release of the BBC documentary Burning Sun: Exposing The Secret K-Pop Chat Groups on May 19.

The British television documentary detailed how two South Korean journalists exposed sex scandals involving prominent K-pop stars in 2019. It also offered new footage of the nightclub scandal.

Seungri, whose real name is Lee Seung-hyun, was released from prison in February 2023 after his 18-month sentence.

He was found guilty of nine charges, including organizing sex trafficking for foreign investors in 2015 and misappropriating funds from Burning Sun, a Gangnam nightclub with which he was affiliated.

The court also found him guilty of eight counts of illegal gambling.

Seungri began his career as a member of BigBang in 2006, gaining worldwide fame with several hits. She left the group in 2019 after the scandal broke.

Two other South Korean artists were convicted in the Burning Sun scandal.

Choi Jong-hoon, former member of the K-pop group FT Island, was released in 2021 after two years and six months in prison. Singer Jung Joon-young was released on March 19 after serving five years in prison. THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK

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