Another surprising rumor from Samsung hints at the launch of the Galaxy Z Flip 6 Slim after the ‘classic’ Z Flip 6

How many different folding phones are there? Samsung Do you plan to launch it in the next few months? That question is on many people’s minds right now, tormenting the most reputable tech publications and leakers out there, as well as regular consumers and everyday Galaxy fans.

At this point, everyone in mobile technology will be bitterly disappointed if the industry’s leading vendor only ends up delivering two boring, repetitive sequels to last year. Z-fold 5 and Z Flip 5 in 2024. This is because rumors have been abuzz for quite some time with speculation about upcoming models with potential names like Galaxy Z Flip FE, Z Fold FE, Z Fold 6 Ultra, and most recently, Z Fold 6. Thin.

Yet another nickname joins the (chaotic) fun today, and while this would have been very surprising before yesterday, now it’s… a little less shocking.

How could a Z Flip 6 Slim stand out?

Ross Young, equally reliable, yesterday recommended that he ditch S Pen support in a bid to reduce the thickness of the Z Fold 5 and Z Fold 6, the Z Fold 6 Slim could soon join the market for an even more mysterious and puzzling. Galaxy Z Flip 6 Slim.
Since the Z Flip 5 is already quite thin and there’s no digitizer stylus to get rid of, we honestly have no idea how Samsung intends to make the cover’s Slim-branded cousin a reality. Reducing the battery capacity would probably be an easy way to lose a millimeter or two, but we’re not convinced it’s the best decision the company can make to ensure the success of this product.
The “regular” Galaxy Z Flip 6 is currently expected to measure 7.4mm thick when unfolded and have a 4,000mAh cell, up from 6.9mm and 3,700mAh for the Z Flip 5, so Samsung has a little room for maneuver when it comes to the Z Flip 6 Slim.

Since that name is not yet set in stone, there is a possibility that the Galaxy Z Flip 6 Slim will eventually materialize as a Z Flip FE or Z Flip 6 FE variant with a reduced price in addition to a slim profile and a small battery (4000+ mAh), although we’re obviously just speculating here.

Let’s do a quick summary

While the Z Flip 6 Slim is supposedly known on the inside as “B6 Slim,” the “classic” Galaxy Z Flip 6, unsurprisingly, also has the codename “B6.”
Meanwhile, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 carries the internal codename “Q6,” and the Z Fold 6 Slim, of course, takes on the “Q6 Slim” mantle for development purposes. But then there’s the “Q6A,” which may or may not materialize commercially as a Fold Fan Edition, and believe it or not, there’s also news today from inside a “Q6 Slim Pro.”
That means we could see Samsung launch up to six different foldables in the not-too-distant future, although there’s still a good chance that the Q6 Slim and Q6 Slim Pro codenames refer to the same device. Meanwhile, the Z Fold 6 FE could be headed exclusively to Korea or canceled entirely, so there’s clearly still a lot of confusion about the company’s foldable expansion plans for the rest of 2024.
On top of everything, Ross Young now believes that Galaxy Z Fold 6 Slim is more likely to see the light of day in the first quarter of 2025 alongside the Galaxy S25 family than in the fourth quarter of 2024. If that’s the case, the Galaxy Z Flip 6 Slim could definitely make us wait until next year too… if it ever happens.

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