Newly promoted senior police officers to be reshuffled

The 86 newly promoted senior officers within the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) are expected to be reassigned shortly. President Mnangagwa elevated these officers to ranks ranging from Chief Superintendent to Commissioner.

Among the promotions, 17 officers were promoted from Assistant Commissioner to Commissioner, 28 were promoted from Chief Superintendent to Assistant Commissioner and 41 were promoted from Superintendent to Chief Superintendent.

The ZRP periodically reassigns its officials to maintain a broad national perspective and avoid long-term attachment to specific positions. National police spokesperson Commissioner Paul Nyathi highlighted the routine nature of these transfers, saying: “There is nothing sinister about the transfers. They are part of police work and officers need to be rotated.”

The Commissioner General of Police has the authority to implement these transfers, aligning officers with the needs of the ZRP. Some officers will be redeployed to address gaps within police services, supporting the organisation’s human resources strategy aimed at improving performance, fostering versatility and meeting new policing demands in pursuit of Vision 2030 for a middle-income society. tall.

Commissioner General Godwin Matanga on Wednesday announced and congratulated the senior officers who were successful in the 2024 promotion exercise. Those promoted to commissioner include Deputy Commissioners Nyirenda Martin Matembo, Makomo Arnold, Nyazema Taonei, Nyabasa Jealous, Ndlovu Salungile, Mbengwa Frederick, Tshuma Edward, Phiri Elizabeth, Chikunguru Maxwell, Nyamukure Clancy Tapewa, Chizemo Jasper Takaengwa, Ndoro Charles, Mazambani Tambudzayi Joyleen, Phillip Evelyn Taurai, Chemurema Susan, Sithole Tapera Layman and Nyathi Paul Ngwarai.

The 28 officers promoted to deputy commissioner are Phuti Plaxedis, Kapasura Phanuel, Chinyunyu Zebediah, Singende Matilda, Mbira Plaxedes, Gomo Gajiweti, Mahala Maggie, Chitombi Rudo, Moyo Madlenkosi, Chokoto Chinyaka, Nzara Benjamin, Myambo Norest Henry, Mutize Zakaria, Mbedzi Richard . , Hita Walter Gadzirai, Sithole Caleb, Gumpo Tambudzai, Muchada Elliot, Deputy National Police Spokesperson Chishaka Blessmore, Masimba Enoch, Mahonde Helena, Chinyani Bruce, Makiwa Howard, Paradzayi Tsitsidzashe Letwin, Chikowore Arista, Sibanda Abigail and Hambira Naison.

The Commissioner-General will officiate at the conferral of ranks to these newly promoted senior officers on Wednesday, 29 May 2024 at 10am at the New Assembly Hall of Mkushi Academy. Officials of the rank of Chief Superintendent and above in the Harare metropolitan area are invited to attend the ceremony.

Promoted officers are instructed not to wear their new rank insignia until after the award. Staff Officer Artillery will begin issuing new insignia on May 23, 2024. Provincial commanding officers, chief directors or chief staff officers must submit transfer proposals immediately.

The ZRP has undergone major changes since 2018 to regain public trust. Last June, ZRP launched a recruitment drive to strengthen its human resources as part of ongoing structural transformation and rebranding efforts.

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