Stellar Blade PS5 Patch 1.003 Now Available, Brings Challenge Mode and New Outfits

Starblade Challenge Mode 1

Update: Patch 1.003 is now available to download for Stellar Blade on PS5 and weighs in at just over 3GB. Installing it will grant you access to the new Challenge Mode, three new Suitsand some improvements under the hood.

Original article: Shift Up made good on its promise to share a Stellar Blade update this week and announced that the PS5 exclusive will receive a patch tomorrow that adds a new challenge mode and more. Suitsand improvements in quality of life. The free update adds what looks like an impressively deep series of boss battles, allowing you to fight those you’ve already defeated in the campaign and record a better time.

Screenshots posted on the PlayStation Blog reveal that you will be judged on your total time, and statistics such as damage taken, how many perfect saves you made, and how much ammo you used will also be recorded. If you defeat all 19 bosses on normal difficulty or higher, you will unlock the new Neurolink suit. The update then adds two more Suits in the White Kunoichi and Black Kunoichi variations, you will be able to obtain them from Adam’s safe house.

Here are the three new ones. Suits:

Patch 1.003 will also include some quality of life improvements, including the option to map the compass to your HUD and keep track of enemy locks in ranged attack mode and a general lock. All this arrives tomorrow on PS5. If unlocking a trophy has failed, this should be fixed after downloading the patch and the time limit for puzzles has also been increased. “Many other improvements” have then been made to the controls and balance of the experience. The Stellar Blade Twitter account is also teasing one more addition, but hasn’t said which one.

Will you face all the Stellar Blade bosses again to unlock the new one? Attire? Share your build in the comments below.

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