Zimbabwe: 148 million kilograms of tobacco delivered so far

So far, farmers have delivered 148 million kilograms of tobacco worth $521 million in both contract and auction halls.

Statistics from the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) indicate that 8.5 million kg were delivered to auction rooms, while 139 million kg were delivered to contract rooms.

Last season, during the same period, 201 million kg were delivered, worth $604 million.

Since this year’s harvest was greatly affected by the drought caused by El Niño, a target of 265 million kg is expected, well below the 297 million kg obtained last year.

The average price has increased from US$3.00 last year to US$3.53 this season.

The highest price was $6.99, up from $6.10 last year.

So far, rejected bales amount to 52,969, compared to the 66,985 registered last season.

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