Parts of Accra flood again after Wednesday’s downpour

Parts of Ghana’s capital, Accra, were submerged after a heavy downpour on Wednesday. The rain, which lasted for more than three hours, caused significant disruption, especially for road users and businesses.

Main roads were left impassable due to flooding, causing huge traffic jams and leaving many travelers stranded.

For example, parts of the road leading from the airport to Shiashie via Shangrila were severely affected, making it difficult for motorists to follow the route.

The National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) had to act when workers had to cut down a huge tree that had fallen due to heavy rains on the Pig Farm-Dzorwulu stretch. This situation further aggravated the intense vehicular traffic on the stretch.

Interestingly, despite the rains, other typically flood-prone areas such as the Mallam-Kasoa stretch saw free flow of traffic.

These areas are known to suffer from severe flooding, often caused by construction activities on Weija Hill that wash sand onto the roads, causing major traffic jams.

However, Citi News checks after the downpour revealed that these routes had been spared traffic congestion.

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