The Nigerian army has killed 9,300 bandits and terrorists

The Minister of Defence, Mohammed Badaru, has said that no less than 9,300 bandits and terrorists have been neutralized in the last year by the Nigerian Armed Forces.

Badaru disclosed this at the ministerial sectoral briefings, organized by the Ministry of Information, to mark the first anniversary of President Bola Tinubu’s administration on Thursday in Abuja.

He also said another 7,000 people were arrested and 4,882 various weapons and 83,900 ammunition were recovered.

He also said that in the period analyzed, 4,641 kidnapping victims were rescued.

He added that among those neutralized were about 20 commanders of different insurgencies and terrorist groups.

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According to him, this was achieved in a very short time. But we really have to thank President Bola Tinubu for choosing the officers who will command the country’s security agencies.

”In addition to the military, we have close collaboration with the office of the National Security Adviser, the Police, the Civil Defense and all other military, paramilitary and security enhancement agencies.

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”This has translated into enormous progress during this last year analyzed. You will all agree with me that Borno people freely enjoyed their last Sallah,” he said.

The minister also said that in an effort to improve crude oil production, the Nigerian Armed Forces arrested 1,437 people, neutralized 363 and released 245 captives in Niger. Delta.

”We destroyed 3,051 illegal production wells, destroyed 1,276 vessels, 3,924 storage facilities, arrested and destroyed 408 vehicles and 2,760 cooking oil drums.

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”So most of the illegal factories are already closed. And important ships have also been stopped, and that has helped a lot.

”This is because the president ordered us to work together in synergy to achieve and end insecurity in the country.

”We have also been working with regional security agencies and countries around us to improve this situation.

”We are collaborating with neighboring countries to fight the insurgency and we have arrested, together with the armies of these countries, many arms and drug traffickers.

“This shows that the collaboration we have with our neighboring countries is efficient and helps us reduce the entry of small arms and light weapons,” he said.

Badaru further said that during the year under review, the capacity of the troops was enhanced with the support of the president.

”Thanks to Mr. President, that has helped us acquire and improve many of our equipment. That has also improved our efficiency and boosted troop morale.

Turning to the Defense Industry Corporation of Nigeria (DICON), the minister said President Tinubu’s signing of the bill had helped the military produce what it needed locally.

He said the ministry was in talks with more than 50 private companies in Nigeria and abroad that were interested in the production.

He added that of the figures, 13 have already started production or are about to start it.

He also said that efforts are being made to create synergies with universities in research and development so that we can produce much more.

Speaking on the welfare of personnel, the minister said that in order for the troops to have the fighting spirit and maintain morale, the president had supported the armed forces with many welfare packages.

”Their salaries are paid when due. We are receiving adequate funding to take care of the troops there and also to provide them with housing and training.

”This has helped us considerably raise the morale of our troops.

“We believe that security is a whole-of-society issue, so it must have a whole-of-society approach, and that translates into the current administration’s Renewed Hope Agenda,” Mr. Badaru said.


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