2FM boss apologizes to Sunday World for his speech on Jennifer Zamparelli’s exit

The radio chief insists that the station is not failing and will continue to grow

The troubled radio boss claimed he “didn’t lie to us” when award-winning showbiz reporter Eugene Masterson called him to comment in our exclusive scoop that the former 2FM DJ was not only on extended leave and was leaving the station forever.

“She is on leave. It’s nonsense. Shit, shit. It’s nonsense. She is on leave. “It’s a farce,” she told us on April 6. “She posted on social media that she was going on vacation.”

Our story dates back to April 7, when Dan told us our sources were wrong.

His rant came despite multiple sources claiming that Zamparelli was in talks about his salary, as well as persistent rumors that the station wanted to introduce a co-host on his show.

Mr Healy confirmed that day that he had heard widespread rumors in the radio industry that Jennifer was in a deadlock over her contract, but claimed it was all completely false.

However, this morning on Radio 1’s Claire Byrne Show he was finally properly grilled by the experienced presenter and told about our sensational exclusive from last month.

At first, he seemed more interested in correcting her about how many times she insulted us, but he eventually announced that he would like to “apologize to Eugene.”

Healy claimed he was taken by surprise by saying our phone call had “knocked him on the door” and that what he said at the time was what he believed to be true.

Then he added: “I must apologize to Eugene.”

He also said: “I need to talk to the team here. There is a lot of pride in 2FM. We have a 12.2 percent stake. We’re not going anywhere. And we love it.”

Meanwhile, Zammparelli appeared this morning on his previous show where he expressed his intention to continue working with RTE on other projects.

Jennifer Zamparelli wants to dedicate more time to her children

Zamparelli, who announced he was leaving 2FM on Thursday, follows the departure of Doireann Garrihy and the 2 Johnnies this week, in what has been a mass exodus of stars from the station.

Speaking on RTÉ 2FM this morning, Dancing with the Stars presenter Zamparelli was asked if the exit means the end between her and RTÉ.

“No. I’m just going to do projects that fit into my family life and I’m in a position to do that, which is very exciting. If certain shows come back, I’ll come back for that,” he said.

“I have other ideas that I would love to work on with RTÉ because they have given me so much joy over the last 10 years,” the 44-year-old radio and television personality told his successor Laura Fox.

Zamparelli has presented his own show from 9am to 12pm weekdays on RTÉ 2FM since May 2019. He joined the station in February 2014 at Breakfast Republic.

In total during her 10 years at the station, the former presenter presented 1,103 programs.

“It’s been a real pleasure to work at one of the coolest stations,” Zamparelli said this morning.

The former Breakfast Republic co-host also “thanked everyone who supported me over the years.”

She spoke of a consoling phone call she received from former RTÉ broadcaster Sean O’Rourke after one of her first trials with the national broadcaster, in which she received bad reviews which she said “took my breath away” .

She recalled how he told her, “don’t let that discourage you, they did the same thing to me years ago, you’re amazing, keep going,” she said, adding that she will “never forget that phone call.”

He thanked his colleagues and producers for allowing him to say goodbye, adding that after the story appeared in the news yesterday, “my son saw me and hugged me.”

The mother-of-one added: “I know I made the right decision… I didn’t leave RTÉ, I left 2FM.”

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