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A viral video showed Kelly Rowland posing for photos on the Cannes red carpet before an apparent fight with a security guard, leading her to point fingers numerous times while walking up a flight of stairs.

By Bethany Minelle, arts and entertainment reporter @BethanyMinelle

Friday 24 May 2024 1:28 PM, United Kingdom

Kelly Rowland says she was treated differently to other women on the Cannes red carpet, and an apparent dispute with a security guard occurred after she “stood her ground.”

A viral video shows the former Destiny’s Child star getting into what appeared to be a heated debate with a member of security staff while walking up the stairs to the theater at the premiere of the movie Marcello Mio.

Rowland on the red carpet before the altercation. Photo: Reuters

Rowland continued speaking about the incident at the amfAR gala in canneswhich saw Hollywood stars Demi Moore and Cher among the stars who supported fundraising for AIDS research.

The 43-year-old singer said the event was attended by other women “who didn’t look much like me and they weren’t scolded or pushed or told to get off.”

The apparent altercation occurred while she posed for photos in a strapless red dress at the premiere Tuesday night.

The video shows the security guard raising his arms to guide Rowland, 43, down the stairs as she waves and has her photo taken, at which point Rowland points her finger at the staff member and appears upset.

The dispute continues up the stairs, and Rowland turns to address a comment to the guard before entering the building.

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It all happened in front of a crowd of fans who watched the incident unfold.

Speaking at the amfAR gala on Thursday, Rowland said: “The woman knows what happened. I know what happened. And I have a limit. And I maintain those limits and that’s it.

“There were other women who attended that carpet, who didn’t look much like me, and they weren’t scolded or pushed or told to get off.

“I stood my ground. And she felt like she had to defend hers, but I stood my ground and that was it.”

Sky News has approached Rowland and the Cannes Film Festival for comment.

Rowland made headlines earlier this year after she reportedly quit the Today show in the US.

Speculation about his departure has never been confirmed.

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