Zimbabwe Tourism to host roundtable on conservation and tourism

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The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) and Wild Africa will host a crucial roundtable on tourism and conservation in Harare on Thursday, 10 July. This event aims to address the challenges facing the sector and bring together diverse stakeholders.

Tourism and Hospitality Minister Barbra Rwodzi stressed the importance of the meeting, saying it will bring together experts to discuss industry challenges, identify areas for improvement and celebrate successes. The aim is to foster a sustainable and resilient tourism industry that benefits both the economy and the environment.

Wild Africa coordinator Guy Jennings highlighted the platform’s role in enabling experts to share experiences and address pressing issues such as poaching, habitat loss and human-wildlife conflict through collaboration.

Key discussion topics will include balancing economic growth with environmental conservation, strategies for greater community involvement in wildlife conservation, reviewing existing policies, exploring potential new regulations, and building partnerships for long-term success.

This roundtable represents a significant step in Zimbabwe’s efforts to strengthen its tourism sector and prioritize conservation efforts.

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Source: The Herald

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