McGill University centre closed after pro-Palestinian camp dismantled

McGill University says its downtown campus will be closed Wednesday as it dismantles the pro-Palestinian camp on the lower field.

“Camp is a place of profound health and safety risks that continue to grow in scope and severity,” the university wrote in a statement.

Montreal police (SPVM) say they are at the school to monitor the operation.

“McGill hired a private security agency to dismantle the camp,” said Jean-Pierre Brabant, a spokesman for the Montreal police, adding that the force is not in charge of the operation.

He says the agency has issued an eviction notice and some people have already left the premises.

McGill is asking students, faculty and staff to avoid the area.

“Classes that are normally taught at the downtown campus will be moved online today,” it said. “We ask that faculty notify their students immediately.”

In addition, libraries and daycare centers are closed.

The campus is also closed to the public and all summer events, programs and activities are cancelled.

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