Singaporean rapper Sheikh Haikel opens Hainanese chicken rice restaurant in Bugis

What exactly is this authentic taste? Sheikh emphasized on the soya-based sauce and chilli: “If the sauce is done right and has the right consistency, it clings onto and gets absorbed by the chicken meat. “The chilli has to be hot, sour, and can’t slide off the spoon so easily.” The restaurant also uses “premium halal chicken”, and jasmine rice.

While we haven’t tried Hai Ge’s chicken rice yet, Sheikh boldly declares it “the best Hainanese chicken rice” in a video he posted on his socials. What makes them the best exactly? The celeb said: “Aside from being halal, the restaurant replicates the complete Hainanese chicken rice experience with traditional recipes, Chinese chefs, Chinese decor and ambience”.

At the time of writing, they’d only officially opened for one day, but he said the response had been overwhelmingly good: “I’m very humbled: It has been packed nonstop and full-house (since opening).”

Some of Hai Ge’s supporters include fellow celeb friends like Gurmit Singh, Diana Ser and Patricia Mok.

Hai Ge Ji’s chicken rice starts at S$8 for a single portion of their signature a la carte Hai Ge Ji Chicken Rice, and goes up to S$13.80 for a Hai Ge Ji Chicken Rice Single Set with thigh or drumstick. The set comes with soup and a veggie side of either baby kailan or bean sprouts. The eatery also sells a whole steamed or roasted chicken for S$42, and a half portion for S$24.

Hai Ge Ji Hainanese Chicken Rice is located at 783 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198751. Open daily from 11:30am to 3pm; 5pm to 9.30pm. Tel: 9478 2070.

This story was originally published in 8Days.

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